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Delivered By
Pr. Lovett
Delivered On
March 18, 2012
Central Passage
John 6:1-15


+ John 6:1-15 +


In the name of the Father and of the + Son and of the Holy Spirit.
Here the King sits His people down and feeds them from His bounty.
The God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ made Him King.  We do not make Jesus King anymore than the crowds that ate their fill of bread and fish made Him king that day on the hillside.  Jesus is made King over all by the will of His Father.  Jesus is King whether you want Him to be or not.  He is Lord of your life because He is Lord of life.  You belong to Him because He bought you with His blood and by His suffering and death.
But He is not like earthly kings.  He does not bid His soldiers die for His crown.  He died for His crown.  He does not bid His subjects pay taxes for His treasury. He filled His treasury with His own wealth and gives it without measure to those who ask of Him.  He does not make His subjects toil for His kingdom, He toils for them.  Night and day, evening and morning, interceding on their behalf before the Father, showing His wounds by which we are reconciled to God.
Jesus is King.  But His kingdom is not of this world.  And neither are His subjects.
We are really no different than that crowd that ate their fill of bread and fish on the hillside of Judea.  They wanted to crown Jesus king because He gave them bread to fill their bellies.  We, too, would crown Jesus king if He gave us what we wanted.  If He satisfied what we think our needs are.  We think we need more money.  We think we need a better job, a better house, a better car, a better income, a better spouse, better kids.
But maybe not.  Maybe we don’t think we need any of that.  Maybe we think we need better health.  If Jesus would just cure us or our loved one; if He would just make the sickness and disease go away.  If we would just keep us and our loved ones from dying.  If Jesus would provide for us like this, we’d crown Him king, too.
But He is King. Ordained and crowned by His Father in heaven.  He has authority over all things in heaven and on earth. He is Lord of life and death.  And He has given us all things.
We live in the age of the resurrection. Jesus is risen from the dead.  He won’t rise in three Sundays from now on Easter. He is risen.  Easter Day is a commemoration, a celebration.  But then, so is every Sunday.  Every time the Body of Christ gathers it is a celebration of His resurrection. For as often as you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the Lord’s death until He comes in the future.  When we gather together we do so as the community of the resurrection because our Lord and God, our King is raised from the dead.
This is cause to celebrate; to rejoice!  Rejoice in the Lord who is risen from the dead. Rejoice with His holy city, His Church, and be glad for her!  That you also would be comforted and nourished with her food, which is heavenly meat and drink.  Because not only is Easter and every Sunday, every gathering of the Lord, a commemoration and celebration, it is a participation; a participation in the life of Jesus.
The bread that we break is a participation in His body. The cup that we bless – that we give thanks for – is a participation in His blood.   You eat and drink the never-ending heavenly feast on the green grass of salvation, participating in the life of the risen Lord!
For our King gives out of His abundance.  He has conquered sin and death and lives forever.  What ails you that has not been overcome by His resurrection?  What afflicts you that is stronger than His immortal, life-giving blood?  What is more powerful than His Spirit that is poured over you in holy Baptism?  What is more sure than His word for you that your sins are forgiven and that even though you die, yet shall you live?
The crowd that day on the hillside of Judea was not satisfied even though they had their fill of bread and fish.  The Israelites were not satisfied with the manna and quail.  But that’s because these things were signs of the better thing to come, which is now here: Christ.  He is enough.  With Him we are satisfied.
Jesus has answered every disease.  He has answered every sickness.  He has cured every malady.  He has answered every death.  When you shout in the void of death your voice is swallowed up and nothing remains.  But when the Lord of life shouts into the void of death, His Word returns to Him bringing with it a host of captives.
So what are you so worried for?  What are so concerned about?  Why do you fret over money and stuff?   Why do you sacrifice your time and soul on the altar of stuff to do and places to go?  Do you not know that the earth is the Lord’s and fullness thereof?  Blessed are you, for you shall inherit the earth.   You get it all because it all belongs to Christ.  All the bread and all the fish.  All the oceans and all the land.  All the mountains and all the valleys.  All the forests and all the desert hills.  Not in death, but in life.
Our Lord and King is not like earthly kings.  He does not bid you die for His crown.  He died for His crown.  He does not demand that you pay taxes for His treasury. He filled His treasury with His own wealth and gives you the abundance of His life.  He does not make you toil for His kingdom, He toils for you.  Night and day, evening and morning, interceding on your behalf before the Father, showing His wounds by which you are reconciled to God.  Peace be with you, Jesus is risen from the dead.
In Nomine Iesu
+ Amen +
*While I've no idea what he actually preached, this sermon largely depended on the Rev. Fr. Jason Braaten of Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Tuscola, IL.