August 2018  
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Memory Awards Program

Concordia's Memory Award Program


The Memory Awards Program is for all members of Concordia and their families.


The program is designed to reward kids and parents for their work in teaching and learning the Six Chief Parts of the Small Catechism by recognizing them before the gathered congregation on Sunday morning, and presenting them with a certificate of memory work and a lapel pin of the Chief Part they've successfully memorzied.


As a child (any age) memorizes a Chief Part, he or she is examined by Pastor and the Elders - not a rigorous thing - and upon successful recitation of the Chief Part, he or she will be recognized by the congregation at the Lord's gathering for their accomplishment.


They will also get their picture (with dad and mom, of course) in Concordia's Weekly New and on our facebook page. If we praise them and reward them for secular things like school, football, and catching a whopper of a fish, why not praise them all the more when they work hard in the faith?


The goal, as it is always the goal of catechesis, is to bring the little ones to Jesus in the Sacrament of the Altar, as our Confessions read,


"Since the children are baptized and received into the Christian church, they should also enjoy this fellowship of the sacrament so that they may serve us and be useful. For they must all help us to believe, to love, to pray, and to fight the devil" (Large Catechism).


Law and Gospel Pins (Pack of 12)  

          Ten Commandments            the Apostles' Creed                Lord's Prayer




  Baptism                            Confession                      Lord's Supper



For having memorized all Six Chief Parts, the catechumen will recieve this pin.

Luther's Rose


"Teach them all that I have commanded you, and, lo, I am with you always,

even unto the end of the age." (Matthew 28:20)








The lapel pins are sold by Concordia Publishing House (CPH).